Go Big or Go Home


So I have never been known for subtlety. I just cannot help myself – I like things bigger, louder and fancier then everyone else, so of course when I started planning by beach wedding in Destin, Florida, I was determined to go big or go home. I really wanted something different. Something  unique. A truly exotic beach setup for weddings was exactly what I was looking for.  I have a problem though…..there is not a creative bone in my body – not one – so planning any wedding, let alone the most fabulous of all Destin beach weddings was really going to be difficult for me. At least I am not afraid to admit it when I need help. I did what any smart girl would do – I hired a local Destin Beach wedding company to do the creative work for me.

Anywho, I must have picked the right planners to work on my beach wedding because they completely understood what I meant when I said “go big or go home.” With a set-up like that you have to be wondering just what my wedding was like. Let me tell you, it all started with a simple question:  Do you scuba dive?

That is right; the Destin Beach wedding company I choose was run by a scuba diving aficionado. Her plan for my wedding was for my husband and me to be married underwater. I did not even think it was possible. Actually, it almost was impossible – luckily my planners came through for me.

What we ended up doing was finding a minister who would officiate at an underwater wedding. Some of the details were a bit complex – we had to have special equipment to facilitate communication and let me tell you, finding an all white dive suit covered in sequins was no mean feat. Somehow we pulled together all the technical aspects.

My guests, those who did not want to dive with us, actually witnessed the wedding via a camera feed. The beach wedding planners set up a tent for the reception and included several large projection televisions for the viewing enjoyment of the wedding guests. My future husband and I dove with the minister and ten close friends willing to brave the dive for the actual ceremony. The ceremony itself was abbreviated, but by the time we surfaced, we were man and wife.

The Destin, Florida wedding planners I used made sure that my reception was just a fabulous. I especially liked the 50-gallon fish tanks they set up to bring a bit of the sea into the reception area. Wedding colors were sea-foam green and a delicate blue.  The dinning hour commenced just as the sun was setting, creating a perfect backdrop for the reception. We sent our guests home with seashell soaps instead of the traditional white almond.

Planning a unique and fun beach wedding in Destin, Florida turned out to be easy with the help of my awesome wedding planners. I am sure my wedding is one wedding that will never be forgotten.

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